Vic Carter

Independent Hip Hop Artist


Born in Elyria, Ohio, this Denver raised hip hop artist provides a laid back and unique vibe laced with true life quotes and experiences. Something that lacks within hip hop today. Already twelve projects in, this artists rapid growth is evident. His latest projects entitled “Vibe”, released late 2017, and the “Eastside Fuzzy Cuzzy” can be found on the music page of this site along with Spotify and Itunes. They have received rave reviews from fans, peers and producers. Vic Carter’s next project entitled “A Monster Died In December” is scheduled for release in November 2018 under “Ruby Jean” and will be available for streaming on Spotify, ITunes, Tidal and more.
Vic also intends to drop a new single every two weeks between album releases. So be sure to follow him on Spotify. Songs will also be available on the other major platforms.

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2018 Ruby Jean

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“Eastside Fuzzy Cuzzy” is a album full of raw emotion, different styles and strait up hits!! Enjoy the vibe!

Eastside Fuzzy Cuzzy, released March 9th!!

Vic Carter’s newest video is entitled “3 Weeks”. It is shot and edited by Flawless Music Videos in Englewood, Colorado. The single is from Vic’s upcoming project “A Monster Died In December”.

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